Zanzibar Gem (ZZ Plant) Kokedama

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The ZZ Plant / Zanzibar Gem is a friend of those self-confessed “brown thumbs” as it requires very little attention. In fact, it prefers to be left alone to do its thing. The only way that you can kill this plant is by over loving it. Ie: overwatering!

☀️ Tolerates very low light situations. You will see these in offices and shopping centres. Does ok with artificial light too, so good for an office with no natural light. They almost look fake. Too much light will see the leaves turn yellow.

All plants need some sort of light so this does grow quicker in natural, filtered light however as we mentioned before this will do just fine with little to no natural light.

💧 Very low watering requirements. Seriously a little water goes a long way so water once every 3-4 weeks. Seriously! Too much water and the roots sit in damp soil and root rot sets in and yellowing leaves and stem.

🍌Very diluted liquid fertiliser roughly once every 2-3 months will aid in this plants growth 

⚠️🐈🐩 All parts of Zanzibar Gem plant are toxic – from the leaves to the stem, so not suitable for a household where your pets are prone to snacking, even chewing, on your indoor green friends. Wash your hands after handling this plant.

If you are known for having a black thumb when it comes to house plants, then this is the plant for you.