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Here’s a tweak to the Tea for 1 H.O.T Hamper, now with a wooden tray to make it easier to make your cuppa and grab some bikkies and take it from the kitchen to the couch for some self-care in front if Netflix. 😎

This is based off one that I put together for my Mother who has arthritis. Everything in the hamper was enjoyed and it's her favourite mug but I constantly get told how wonderful the tray is. 

This hamper includes:

  • Raw Lavender Honey
  • Life of Cha Tea - random mix of CRYSTAL, SPICED or ZZZ (depending on stock levels)
  • Boxed Cookies - FLORENTINES or ALMOND/PISTACHIO SHORTBREAD (depending on stock levels)
  • S/Steel Tea strainer
  • Acacia Timber Tray
  • Your choice of BOTANICAL HUG MUG DESIGN - Choose from STELLA BLUSH, FLANNELL FLOWER or BANKSIA + WATTLE (while stocks last)

Want to make this a Tea for 2 H.O.T Hamper? Add another Mug by choosing the colour/design from our Customise your own H.O.T Hamper section HERE>>


Tea from Life of Cha (NSW)

Beautiful tea in glass jars or re-fill packs. CRYSTAL tea that brews blue while SPICED will warm you from the heart. ZZZ is a sleepy time blend perfect to relax the senses.

This has hamper has been put together to allow you to send to a friend, loved one and even colleague/staff member a message to say that "I am thinking of you". What better way to send them a virtual "Hug" than with a Hug Mug, right?

Never before has telling someone that you're thinking of them been more important. We feel for all of those people who are in lockdown alone. Unable to get to the coffee shop for their weekly catch up with friends and family.

We source from local suppliers and maintain that all "consumables" are made in Australia. Australian Made and Hand Made are at the forefront of what we do.

If you order one of these hampers, you will be supplied with the items shown in the picture - unless something has been sold out when we will substitute accordingly.


Do you require a personalised message? If so, add a personal message in the notes section at checkout and we will hand write your message for you on a complimentary gift card.