Spider Plant Kokedama

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S P I D E R  P L A N T
 (c h l o r p h y t u m)

What a cool name for a plant. Anyone else start singing Spiderman in their head? 😂 

💧 water from the top like the plant is in a pot. Water lightly, keeping the soil moist, but not soggy. If overwatering occurs then root-rot will set in and the plant will not be happy.  Water slowly until the water just starts to come out the bottom of the Kokedama ball. Therefore do this somewhere that is ok to get wet. Soak deeply once every 3-4 weeks and allow the moss ball to fully drain before returning to the indoor position. 

I like to mist this plant with water every couple of days for added humidity.

☀️ Filtered light - indoors in a well lit position - full sun /part shade. Can be grown outdoors in a sunny to partly shady position. I would hang this is a tree or under a patio that gets a bit of sun and shade.

Spider plants flower with long stems of tiny white flowers. They also send out shoots of baby spider plants called spiderettes.

🌬 amazing air filtering qualities so great for indoors. Removes formaldehyde and xylene.

🐈 + 🐕  NOT Toxic to cats and dogs