Rabbit's Foot Fern Kokedama

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RABBIT'S FOOT FERN (Davallia Fejeensis)

This plant is one of my favourite plants of all time! I used to find it hard to look after fine ferns however I got one of these beauties and persevered and I was rewarded for my patience and hard work. When these guys are happy, they are a sight to beheld. Absolutely beautiful.

☀️ like bright indirect light indoors. If they get direct sunlight on the leaves they will get burnt and become unhappy, and you will be very sad too. I have mine in the bathroom on the window sill where it always gets light, but never direct sunlight.

This Kokedama could possibly live outside if under constant cover but would need more maintenance regarding watering. 

💧 these guys like to stay moist but not sopping wet and they love humidity. In their natural environment they are under the leafy canopy or in trees where they are kept damp and humidity is just right.  I mist mine more than I water the ball. Misting every day and watering perhaps once every 10-14 days by unscrewing the top of the misting bottle and slowly pouring that much water into the centre of the plant. Pour slowly to allow the water to be absorbed by the soil and moss. The external roots or rhizomes love being misted (this where the name Rabbit Foot Fern comes from) and will grow as well as sprout new leaves. Never let these external roots dry out.

⚠️ Tidy up dead and old fronds when they appear. This it totally normal if its only a few. If you find a whole area of the plant is trying brown, remove all of the dead or dying growth and concentrate your misting to that area to try and revitalise the area.

⚠️ avoid chemicals near this plant - leaf shine products, fly sprays etc.

🍎 use a liquid houseplant fertiliser at half strength once every 3-4 weeks will give this plant a real boost of growing power

🐈🐩 NOT Toxic to cats and dogs.

🌬 extremely good air purifying qualities. Is known to remove formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and trichloroethylene from the air. 

With a cool name and funky shaped leaves that are thrilling to watch grow, this plant is a keeper and would look great at your place.