Pink Rubber Plant Kokedama

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R U B B E R   P L A N T   K O K E D A M A

Ficus Tineke - variegated rubber plant with hues of pink, white and greens.

☀️ Well lit location - filtered indirect light. Direct sun will burn the leaves. Rotate your Kokedama periodically so as to promote a more even growth pattern.

💧  Water with small amounts weekly until you get into a routine. Soak the ball over a few hours and then let it drip dry or water from the top. (If watering from the top, measure how much you’re using so as to alter the amount of the plant needs more or less). 

DO NOT OVERWATER! wet feet = root rot and Avery unhappy plant. Over or under watering will mean leaf drop occurs - alter watering patterns as needed.

💪 Very hardy and robust. Good for people starting out with indoor plants

🍌Feed with diluted indoor plant liquid fertiliser monthly for best results 

⚠️🐈🐩 Toxic to cats and dogs.