Peace Lily Kokedama

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Peace Lily’s are a fantastic indoor plant for beginners because they droop when they need water. They physically let you know that they’re not happy. Then you water them to see them perk right up.

💧 this plant loves to drink from its roots so for this plant we suggest letting it droop (a little)  which is the plant saying “I need a water”. Then put it in a clean bucket or sink and fill up with water so that it comes 1/3 the way up the moss ball. Allow the plant to sit there for 30 minutes to an hour until the moss at the top (closest to the plant) is wet the take the Kokedama out of the remaining water and place it back on its stand to drip dry. Make sure that it sits somewhere that won’t get water damaged. 

☀️ Filtered light - if direct sun touches the leave they will get burnt. The more light that they get, the more likely that they will flower.

🌬 air filtering qualities 

🐈 + 🐕 ☠️ Toxic to cats and dogs - can cause irritation of the tongue and lips, increased salivation, difficulty swallowing, and vomiting.

We’ve found a stunning way to present a stunning plant. I want to keep everyone that I make! No joke. 😂

Images supplied are examples of the Peace Lily Plant. The final Kokedama may (and probably will) vary in size, number of flowers etc.