Parlour Palm Kokedama

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Not only is this indoor plant ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ as an air purifier but it is also super-dooper pet friendly 👍🐈🐩

🌿Thrives in low light and shady areas around the home. Will also do very well in bright filtered light but NOT direct sunlight as it will get sunburnt.

🌿Slow growing but it is awesome to inspect your fella to see a new frond emerging!

🌿Water moderately so that it keeps moist but not super soaked. Brown tips on the edges of the leaves indicates over watering. Prune these brown tips for best growth. If any fronds or stems go brown, remove them to allow the plant to recover and put all of its energy into growing, not diverting energy in to healing.

🌿Loves high humidity so a bathroom location would be great.

A hardy plant that works well as a small - medium #kokedama so they make a wonderful gift for all but especially a self-confessed plant killer.

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