Monstera Kokedama

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The Monstera Kokedama are highly sort after as they offer a very hardy and gorgeous display, year round.

They're an indoor plant, that can also go outdoors if in filtered light. What is filtered light? No direct sun as they will burn. These guys live in rainforests under the canopy so we need to mimic those conditions with your new Kokedama.

Watering: There are a few methods that we have used over the years however we find that the "Soaking" method is the most kind to the plant.

Water when the moss ball is light by using a large enough vessel or clean sink and filling it with water so that it will come half way up the moss ball. Then simply put the Kokedama in and hold it there for a minute or so to allow the moss to start to absorb the water. Then release the ball and if it's staying in place you can leave it there until the moss at the top (closest to the plant) is damp. If it's not staying in place, hold it for a little while longer then continue to leave it as above.

Then remove it and allow it to drain somewhere that won't get damaged by water or is in the sun.

Place the watered Kokedama back on its stand and back in its spot. Do not overwater as this has the potential to create root rot and this can kill the plant.


The fronds will reach for the sun so we suggest rotating the plant weekly to allow for more full growth.

Your Monstera Kokedama has the potential to sprout aerial roots or even have roots shoot out the bottom of the moss ball. this is a fantastic sign and means that you plant is happy.

My plant is getting too big. This is a good problem to have and there are 2 options. You can 1: cut away any new growth or 2: bring it back to us for repotting (fees apply).