Limited Ed. Lemongrass + Lime H.O.T Candle

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Fresh and Zingy | 

A crowd favourite, this scent offers the natural, fresh citrusy scent of lemongrass combined with zesty lime, lemon peel and a soft floral undertone.

A bright scent calls for a bright coloured candle jar. Here we have our live coloured votive jar which offers beauty inside and out. This is a limited edition candle jar as we cannot get anymore (thank you Covid related delivery issues). Grab them while you can!

•100% soy wax

•Lead-free cotton wick

•The glass jar is blue and the lime green is a painted finish on the outside. Do not wash the outside of this jar as the paint will peel off.

**This jar can be re-used by letting this burn down and discarding the very last remaining wax and pulling out the wick tab. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe out any remaining wax.