The Original H.O.T Fuzzies

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H.O.T Fuzzies have arrived!

These little guys are busting to help you keep your home, office, car, cupboard (anywhere really) smelling fine.

Each set contains:

1 x H.O.T Fuzzy and 1 x 20ml bottle of scented oil with pipet for easy application. Packaged in our black biodegradable tube.

How do they work?

  • Simply use the pipet in the H.O.T Fuzzies oil bottle and add a few drops onto your new H.O.T Fuzzy pal. But make sure not to put any oil on their light colours as they will get stained.
  • Then hang them up somewhere that needs a bit of freshening up.
  • Be careful as the scented oil is strong and can stain any surface, so make sure not use too much at once and that it isn't touching the wall or anywhere that can stain.
  • Please see the back of the H.O.T Fuzzy oil for further instructions 
  • Keep out of reach of children.


As these are handmade products the following measurements are an indication only: 

7cm wide x 7cm high


Come and meet the H.O.T Fuzzy​ gang.

Jefferson: This guy likes to keep things cool, calm and collected, never shying away from a stinky situation. He loves stink! It makes him work even harder to keep your space smelling fine! His favourite superhero is Thor and he shows this with his streak of lighting blue on his foot. Jefferson is the oldest of the H.O.T Fuzzies and the leader.

Peach: Peach enjoys the fruity side of life and loves drinks with little umbrellas in them. She’s a bit of an introvert and tends to shy away from the spotlight. Her favourite superheroes are Antman and the Wasp because they may be small but they get the job done. 

Nova: Nova is bright and bubbly and loves the spotlight. She’ll dance for you when hanging in your car all the while staying fresh and fine having been scented with your favourite H.O.T Fuzzy oil. Her favourite superhero is Batman because he’s the opposite of her. He hides in the shadows to do his work and she likes that about him, she thinks it’s cool because she couldn’t do that. She would be seen.

Perry: Perry loves the ocean and all things aquatic. She particularly loves Seahorses and the way that they gallop through the water. Her favourite superhero is Aquaman (no guesses why) and thinks that sharks get a really bad wrap. Her best friend is a shark and he is the sweetest sea creature that she knows. I am a triplet! Watch out for her brothers Harvey and Hunter!

Harvey: Harvey loves the land and all things agricultural. His favourite time of year is Autumn when the leaves start to fall. He loves to play tricks on the other H.O.T Fuzzies and hides in the trees and piles of leaves to scare them when the walk by. He can't be spotted. Leaf camo he calls it! His favourite superhero is Loki because they're both tricksters. Harvey is the middle child, having been born 5 minutes after Perry and 5 minutes before Hunter. He is loud and loves attention. Look at moi!

Hunter: Hunter loves the rainforest, although he doesn't like getting wet. He likes to swing through the trees and try and play hide and seek with his best friend Ted, a green tree frog. Hunter always looks after everyone and makes sure that everyone is happy, safe and sound. He is a quiet achiever tends to sit back and let Perry and Harvey take charge, although they end up doing what he suggests in the end anyway. Siblings! Hunter's favourite hero is Green Arrow and he also loves Robin Hood. He loves all things green, bows and arrows and helping.




Botanica Australis

To me, this smells like when you first walk into the florist and smell that "florist" greenery smell. It offers a glorious melding of fresh fir needle and leafy green notes with woody musk and sweet jasmine to finish.

Note - this contains jasmine which has been known to affect those who are sensitive to smell. I don't find it over poweringly apparent that there is jasmine present and I am prone to migraines. All the same I just wanted to make you aware.

Nectarine + Mint

This has always been a favourite of mine and the same for many of you. I can't quite explain it except it is sweet and mellow at the same time. Walking into the room where this candle is burning is bliss. It puts a smile on my face.

Juicy and fresh, a blend of ripe nectarine, grapefruit and spearmint infused with cedar wood, lemongrass and orange. Yum! Almost sounds like a cocktail! Enjoy.

This scent is a favourite with men and women alike.

Olive Leaf + Thyme (masculine)

For those who like something a little different. This one is quite heady and reminds me of aftershave so it maybe one for the gents or the ladies who don't like floral or sweet scented candles. 

A unique blend of green olive and olive leaf intertwined with lemon thyme, bergamot and subtle notes of musk and amber.

This is a strong, woody candle so be wary if you get affected by strong smells.

Peppermint + Eucalyptus

A new favourite of mine. Wow! Cleansing and fresh. Great to burn in the home if you need a subtle pick me up or need to cleanse the house of smelly smells. Cooking bacon, pets, kids... 

An invigorating blend with peppermint, patchouli, cedar wood and eucalyptus.

I love this one! This is the scent that made me think, I can do this! And here we are.

Lavender + Amber

This is a complex scent. The lavender isn't strong, but it is present. You kind of smell it towards the end of the experience. This is a creamy fragrance that isn't too strong, one way or the other. It is a unique and complex blend of rustic amber and french lavender with added notes of tonka bean, vanilla and clary sage.

Lemongrass + Lime

This new oil is less sweet than our previous formulation and smells just like the real thing! Fresh and zesty, you'll love this. 

This is complex fragrance with notes of orange, lemon, lime, eucalyptus, fresh apple meeting Lemongrass, lavender, rose and jasmine

Black Tea + Lychee

This delicately unique fragrance is produced from an infusion of Black Tea and the sweet, exotic scent of Lychee. The perfect balance of the 2 will grow on you, the longer you burn it. From time to time, you will smell more of the top notes of Bergamot and Orange however the underlying base notes of Cedar and Amber will still come through. Black Tea + Lychee is the first of this collection and one that we think will soon be a crowd favourite.

If you like Lychee + Peony, you'll like this but I find it less sweet with a deep dark finish. (Ps - it’s my favourite).

White Tea + Ginger

This is a warming and soothing marriage between zingy Ginger and soft White Tea. A multi-layered adventure through base notes of Ginger and Sandalwood, middle floral notes of Peony and Hyacinth and top notes of Bergamot and Lemon. This scent is a mastery of harmony in fragrance with not one scent taking the lead and overpowering the rest.

This scent is so unique that I can't say who'll like it. If it sounds good, give it a go. 

Green Tea + Lemongrass

A refreshing offering, the Green Tea + Lemongrass candle will help put a spring in your step. Feel energized with the top notes of Lemongrass and Mandarin, calm the senses with Cyclamen and Green Tea Leaf and round out the journey with base notes of Amber and Rose. Not too florally, not to zingy, we find this combination truly refreshing.

Just beautiful! This one will grow on you. If you like zingy and sweet and/or floral candles, give this one a go!

These are a handmade product. All care has been taken when creating this product and the colour may differ on screen from that of the actual product.