Christmas H.O.T Fuzzies

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🎄Christmas H.O.T Fuzzies are here!🎄

These little Christmas Trees are busting to bring some Christmas cheer here, there and everywhere. Use it as a scented Christmas decoration on your Christmas tree (away from the lights) or hang it in your car to have Christmas cheer with you all the time.  

Each set contains:

1 x Christmas Tree H.O.T Fuzzy and 1 x 20ml bottle of Christmas scented oil with pipet for easy application. Packaged in our black biodegradable tube with Christmas trim.

How do they work?

  • Simply use the pipet in the H.O.T Fuzzies oil bottle and add a few drops onto your new H.O.T Fuzzy pal. But make sure not to put any oil on their light colours as they will get stained.
  • Then hang them up somewhere that needs a bit of freshening up.
  • Be careful as the scented oil is strong and can stain any surface, so make sure not use too much at once and that it isn't touching the wall or anywhere that can stain.
  • Please see the back of the H.O.T Fuzzy oil for further instructions 
  • Keep out of reach of children.


As these are handmade products the following measurements are an indication only: 

7cm wide x 8cm high


Figgy Pudding

Oh man! To me, this is Christmas in a candle. It is a melodic dance of Orange and Clove, Cinnamon and Almond, Vanilla and Malt.

 Burning this candle will immediately put you in the Christmas spirit. It's warm and creamy, spicy yet mellow. It literally makes me think of Christmas pudding and custard.

*NB - This candle oil has a high percentage of essential oils in its formulation which change in colour from batch to batch. The dark malty colour of this candle is ok. I assure you. It just adds to the Christmasi-ness of the candle.

Hansel + Gretel

This candle is sweet and makes me think of vanilla icing. Now, I'm no fan of vanilla (it has it's place as fridge wipe) but this vanilla is accompanied by the likes of cinnamon, raisin, baked bread, malt and musk. It makes for a smooth cacophony of Christmas bliss.

Christmas Cedar

This offering is very woodsy, as the name suggests but again, not too much. It offers notes of Orange and Elderberry, Fir Needle (Christmas-Christmas-Christmas) and Peach, Cedarwood and Patchouli. A beautiful marriage of fresh fruit and berry with the tranquil cedar wood base.


These are a handmade product. All care has been taken when creating this product and the colour may differ on screen from that of the actual product.