Chocoholic H.O.T Hamper

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As promised here are 3 chocoholic H.O.T Hampers. All ready to go for your last minute Christmas shopping!

Everything is in stock and ready to go but stock is limited. There are many variations of bark and some are GF if need be.

They are:
•XL - $110.
2 boxed cookies, 4 chocolate bark, 2 chocolate liqueur sauces and a smiley face cookie

•Large - $85
2 x boxed cookies, 3 chocolate bark and 1 chocolate liqueur chocolate sauce

•Medium - $60
1 boxed cookie, 2 chocolate bark and 1 chocolate liqueur sauce.

If you’d like to order, message or comment below with the size and we will come back to you. They are NOT on the website…. Yet.

As you can understand with 2 shopping and delivery days left, time and stock are limited. These are great for families of all sizes….