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What is an Alphabook? These are a notebook in the form of a letter of the alphabet. Alpha-Book!

The buckram spine is embellished with gold foil to mimic the Encyclopaedia spines of yesteryear. Inside, you will be thick cream unlined paper to fill with your thoughts or if giving this as a gift, a thoughtful message for your loved ones.

Everyone loves their own letter and the Alphabooks offer a very unique gift perfect for momentous occasions like births, 1st birthdays, 18th's, 21st's and with the addition of the Ampersand (&) Alphabook, these make a fantastic engagement gift. Why not use these as a sign in book for your wedding? Or Grandpa's 80th Birthday celebration? Give them something unique and personal for Christmas.

Please note that the pictures supplied are 1 of 30 different covers available. We are sent a random mix of covers with each delivery so we cannot guarantee the cover that you will be supplied. 


Unfortunately, some of the letters have been discontinued by the supplier and if they're out of stock this may be the case. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.