House of Thomas Kokedama. Our Story.

Our story with Kokedama.

We were first introduced to Kokedama in 2017 when I found one at a pop-up shop and I was absolutely blown away by them. I bought the Birds Nest Fern Kokedama and named him Redge. Redge sat on the counter of our store in Hornsby for a few months while I tried to find someone to supply us. I couldn't find anyone for ages and then a customer told me that there was someone 4 suburbs away! I couldn’t believe it. Someone local! Awesome.
In came Claire (named changed for privacy) with her beautifully handmade Kokedama and I was in love with them all. “Yes! Let’s do this” I said and we sold 100 over the next 3 months. We started taking custom orders, different sizes, different plants. It was fantastic. We sold so many of these in the months to come until one day I rang to place an order and got some sad news.
Claire was ill and wasn't able to make the Kokedama for the foreseeable future. Sadly she never recovered and we decided not to sell them anymore, by that I mean find another supplier.
I had people saying that they could make them for us and would always so “No!”. One of them even said that I was stupid for not getting them made by someone else. It was a business after all. For me it was more than that. Claire had become like family, how could she not? The products that she produced were made with such love and dedication. They were alive! We had a rule in store when one was sold; each one had to be given a name before it left the store. You see, we name our children and pets and they survive. The same needed to be done with these beautiful, natural pieces of art. We were selling a living product to tonnes of customers and they brought so much joy to so many people.
Fast forward nearly a year and things had changed for us, for everyone. I received a wonderful phone call. It was Claire’s husband and we wanted to touch base regarding the Kokedama and to see if I wanted to learn how to make them. Apart from the fact that I loved them and always wanted to learn how to make them, we were now able to keep Claire’s legacy alive with each and every Kokedama that we produce and send home with you.
I think of her every time I make a new one. The gift that she gave us is beautiful and respected and we are totally thankful that we can continue her work.
We hope you love what we do as much as we do. 
James Thomas | Founder HOUSE OF THOMAS