We know that for some owning an indoor plant can make you come out in sweats. I can hear you now. "Nope! I'm a plant killer." Kokedama are easy to take care of and we are always here to help.

Here are a list of FAQ's that we think you may ask. If you don't find the answer to your question, please feel free to message us or contact us via our Facebook page.



Where are you located?

We are based in Hornsby (NSW) and make all of our Kokedama right here in our studio. We are plant addicts ourselves and know what it's like to have perhaps one too many indoor plants (no way! there's no such thing).

Do you wholesale?

Yes we do. Please contact us at houseofthomaskokedama@gmail for more info or call James on 0404681899 to discuss.

Do you offer corporate gifts?

Yes we do. We can aid you with your next batch of client or supplier gifts. Kokedama offer a unique gift experience for even the most discerning of clients. Please feel free to contact us as above with an outline of your needs.

How do you choose which plants to use in your Kokedama?

Good question you! Well, all plants have different needs to thrive and in turn offer you something different for your space.

Did you know that there are indoor plants that filter the air? There's even a plant that absorbs pollutants and releases oxygen at night making it a perfect plant for the bedroom.

We choose plants that are hardy, that means hard to kill. That's not to say that they are immortal, but won't give up the ghost straight away should your brown thumb prevail. 

When we think of adding a new type of plant to the range, we first test it ourselves and this poor test dummy gets put through its paces. Pushed to the extreme with neglect to see how it will handle being forgotten, over watered, under watered, too much light and not enough light. You know, all the things that you fear doing to your next indoor plant. We have a pretty good range of plants that we put into our Kokedama so there are a lot of choices for your new plant friend.

I have a plant in mind and I would like to know if it will work in a Kokedama. Can you help?

Of course. We are here to help so please feel free to reach out.