H.O.T Candle Care + Re-Fills

You've go your H.O.T Candle, now it's time to take care of it.

When I first began to sell candles I had no idea that it's not just about lighting the wick. Wick length, location of the candle within your home, the surface that it sits on, the duration of the first burn all play a role in the candle burring experience.

Below are the candle care tips that I have put together for you. Now bear with me, I have written them as though I was talking to you in the shop. Hopefully this helps.

Candle Care:

Each H.O.T Candle has a care instructions sticker on the bottom of the vessel. Please make note of these care instructions as we cannot be held liable for damage to person or property if the candle is incorrectly used.

To get the most out of your candles, follow these general rules of thumb:

Always place your candle away from fire hazards like curtains and other flammable items. 

Place your candle in a secure location away from children and pets so that they don’t play or knock it.

Do NOT place your candle in a drafty area near an open door or window as this will promote black smoke.

Always place your candle of a heatproof surface so as to not cause damage when the vessel inevitably heats up. (We suggest putting the limited edition tin candle on the tin lid and the jumbo tea lights on a heatproof dish).

Always place you candle on a flat surface so as to allow it to burn evenly.

Burning your candle:

• First burn - do not let the candle flame go out until the whole top surface of the candle has melted to the edge.

• Second and subsequent burn - trim the wick by removing the black wick that is spent - I use paper towel to do this as your fingers can get black. Not doing this will result in excessive black smoke and soot on the surface of the wax. Trimming the wick too much will result in the candle “drowning” the wick and you will need to remove some excess wax to allow the candle to light again.

• Last burn - if you think that you are almost finished the candle, make sure that you stay near it so that it doesn’t run out of wax.

 From time to time you will note that the jar goes black. That's totally ok, it's just the the flame is getting a little too big so all you need to do is remember to clean it with a cloth or paper towel before you burn the candle the next time.



Yes! I can hear you cheering. We are offering re-fills on the Black Collection Candles for people in our *Local Delivery areas only. (sorry if you're not in these areas, logistically we haven't worked out how to arrange this yet but we are working on it).

How it works:

  1. Order you Black Collection Candle and burn it as normal. When you have finished the candle, we ask the you clean it out but placing the jar in a sink of warm soapy water and wash it as normal - including taking off the label. This will allow the residue wax to clean away and you can wash and dry it ready for us to collect. 
  2. Time to re-order as normal but use code BLKRFLL at the checkout. This will apply the re-fill discount to the order per item that is being-re-filled. This is a 1 for 1 deal like swap'n'go at the service station with the gas tank for the bbq.
  3. We will deliver your order to you and collect the clean jars. Please note that the jars must be cleaned as above in order to make the swap easy. If not, we will contact you to discuss.
  4. Before we process any "re-fill" orders, we will check your order history and if you have not ordered that scent before, then we will not be able to process the order at the re-fill price.

This is a fare go policy and we are trying to do the right thing. Therefore this is subject to change without notice if we deem it to no longer be working.

We have listened to what you have said over the years and feel that this is the best way to keep these beautiful and hefty jars out of landfill. To re-use them is a fantastic thing. Now, over time we will have to retire some jars at which time we will do so as replace with new ones.