The Tea Collection H.O.T Candles

This collection has 3 beautiful, unique and luxurious scents, each beginning with a type of Tea.


Limited Edition Embossed Tins

4 cotton wick, 100% Soy wax candle. Black + White floral tin.


Jumbo Tea Lights

4 x Jumbo tea lights presented in a biodegradable black tube.


Signature XL Black glass jar 

  • 1 cotton wick
  • 100% Soy wax candle. 
  • Cocoa brown wooden lid.
  • Black tube gift box (not used when the candle is put in a hamper)
  • Burn time up to 60hrs



Black Tea + Lychee

This delicately unique fragrance is produced from an infusion of Black Tea and the sweet, exotic scent of Lychee. The perfect balance of the 2 will grow on you, the longer you burn it. From time to time, you will smell more of the top notes of Bergamot and Orange however the underlying base notes of Cedar and Amber will still come through. Black Tea + Lychee is the first of this collection and one that we think will soon be a crowd favourite.

If you like Lychee + Peony, you'll like this but I find it less sweet with a deep dark finish. (Ps - it’s my favourite).

White Tea + Ginger

This is a warming and soothing marriage between zingy Ginger and soft White Tea. A multi-layered adventure through base notes of Ginger and Sandalwood, middle floral notes of Peony and Hyacinth and top notes of Bergamot and Lemon. This scent is a mastery of harmony in fragrance with not one scent taking the lead and overpowering the rest.

This scent is so unique that I can't say who'll like it. If it sounds good, give it a go. 

Green Tea + Lemongrass

A refreshing offering, the Green Tea + Lemongrass candle will help put a spring in your step. Feel energized with the top notes of Lemongrass and Mandarin, calm the senses with Cyclamen and Green Tea Leaf and round out the journey with base notes of Amber and Rose. Not too florally, not to zingy, we find this combination truly refreshing.

Just beautiful! This one will grow on you. If you like zingy and sweet and/or floral candles, give this one a go!



Yes! I can hear you cheering. We are offering re-fills on the Tea Collection EMBOSSED BLACK + WHITE TINE Candles for people in our *Local Delivery areas only. (sorry if you're not in these areas, logistically we haven't worked out how to arrange this yet but we are working on it).

How it works:

  1. Order you Tea Collection Candle in the Black + White tin and burn it as normal. When you have finished the candle, we ask the you clean it out but placing the tin in a bowl/saucepan and pour the water from a just boiled kettle (on the outside of the tin) up roughly 1/3 the way up the tin. This will melt the remaining wax which can then be discarded (or placed in your oil burner as a melt). This will allow you to remove the tabs and used wick and will open out the residue wax. Please then dry it ready for us to collect. 
  2. Time to re-order as normal but use code BLKRFLL at the checkout. This will apply the re-fill discount to the order per item that is being-re-filled. This is a 1 for 1 deal like swap'n'go at the service station with the gas tank for the bbq.
  3. We will deliver your order to you and collect the clean jars. Please note that the jars must be cleaned as above in order to make the swap easy. If not, we will contact you to discuss.
  4. This is a fare go policy and we are trying to do the right thing. Therefore this is subject to change without notice if we deem it to no longer be working.

We have listened to what you have said over the years and feel that this is the best way to keep these beautiful and hefty jars out of landfill. To re-use them is a fantastic thing. Now, over time we will have to retire some jars at which time we will do so as replace with new ones.