Birds Nest Fern Kokedama

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For those of you who remember my personal #kokedama in our HORNSBY store, Redge was my first Kokedama and it’s where it all started. This small #birdsnestfern Kokedama is all set to live at your home and it’s been strung to hang in your tree, under your verandah or pergola or in the bathroom even.

☀️ Filtered light only - these plants live in the lush rainforest and do NOT like direct sun. They will get sunburnt and you’ll have to cut the leaves off.

💧 water when the ball is light and dry. As this is a hanging Kokedama you can afford to dunk it or hose it or or or....

🥘 Fertilise with very diluted liquid fertiliser perhaps once every 2-3 months

The birds nest fern likes to be damp but not soaking. Root rot can set in if you water too much and that’s not good. No one likes wet feet. I have added both a moisture retaining agent and something to allow free draining soil to give this guy the best home. The only question is... who calls dibs?


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