H.O.T HAMPERS – Tea Hamper

What is a H.O.T Hamper?

Gifting is an artform and for years we have been curating gift hampers through our shops. Now that we are 100% online, nothing has changed except we have more hampers available. A H.O.T Hamper is made with purpose. To be a successful gift, it has to be given with feeling and sentiment. Otherwise you may as well buy some flowers from the servo. We have sourced fantastic Australia made and designed product from large and small businesses alike to bring you an ever growing collection of items to choose from.

We have readymade options available and we are so proud of our customisable “build your own” H.O.T Hamper option where you take control. You may like a hamper but it needs a tweak as some is allergic to nuts or Grandma doesn't like fig jam. With this Customise YOUR own H.O.T Hamper option, you are in charge and we put it together for you. The gift truly has come from you.

Vegan Options coming soon. 

Click on our Product Pages for more info on each of the items that we use in our H.O.T Hampers.


From time to time certain flavours may be out of stock so we will need to substitute with an alternative that is of equal or greater value.

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